tirsdag den 18. marts 2014

White lamps

tirsdag den 25. februar 2014

Lamps heaven

Interior wishlist

Since I started working at www.lamps.dk, I have had a big crush on lamps in my head. Everywhere I go, I noticed every lamp in sight. So this is a little selection of some of my favorite from the webshop. 

mandag den 1. juli 2013


Now it's exactly 1 year ago, I had my last day at SmartGuy, where I was educated buyer. Nice place, sweet colleagues and a lot of nice clothes and shoes :) Here are some memories from that time :)

fredag den 12. april 2013



Things I would really like to own right now.. 50 % of my basis jeans are from Dr. Denim, like the way they fit, especially their model Plenty, which has a high waist. Furthermore I have always had a good eye to a question of and I think that this season they have made some really nice things, I will have to get at least one thing from them this spring. Bonus that all their materials are from organic cotton. It's so cool to be green this season! :)

I think every girl and woman, like the feeling of new underwear and I have fallen for the brand Chantelle, but I must wait maybe to next month, because it is a little expensive for my current budget.. :( This month I have acquired a new pair of running shoes from Nike Free and I'm totally in love with them. Now I just want more of them, in each color. These with a sense of dip dye are really cool for everyday use. Designers Remix always does it good, love the use of the sportly look, with the dip dye spring look and to run the whole look up, then some new jewelry would be to wish and dream for ;)

tirsdag den 9. april 2013


Here is some pics from my apartment, as you can see, still a little messy, but it will be my home sweet home :)

mandag den 8. april 2013



As you may know by now, I'm still renovating my apartment and I have a spare-room where I would like to have some sort of office space. You know a place where I could write on my school projects in peace. All of these items I would like to have in my mini office, but realistic then there are only place for a little table and the chair. But I think all of the things look very nice together :)

søndag den 7. april 2013



I'm in the middle of moving into my new apartment and it is crazy how long time it takes to get settle in, when the whole apartment is getting renovated. But hopefully, in the end, it will all be worth it :) Some of my furniture has already been replaced with some new ones, but my wish list for things to my new place is very very long.. :) These items inspires me and I would really like to own all for them - especially the Nerd chairs from Muuto :)